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Oral Health Education and Terms

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV):

There is in an increase in HPV Oral Cancers. These cancers are considered to be sexually transmitted diseases.

Alcohol, Tobacco use and Smokeless Tobacco


  • From the ADHA (American Dental Hygienists' Association): Symptoms of diabetes disease often appear in the mouth, while almost one-third of people with diabetes have severe periodontal disease. This is believed to be a result of the diabetic patient's greater susceptibility to developing infections. Conversely, severe periodontal disease may increase the risk of developing diabetes, and may make it more difficult to manage blood sugar levels. However, studies have found that patients who receive treatment for periodontal disease may be able to control the condition with less insulin. For more information see below.

Meth Mouth

  • Definition: The term "Meth Mouth" describes the state of tooth decay that is caused from using methamphetamines or living in an environment where they are made. Frequent use of methamphetamines can cause one to neglect their mouth for long periods of time. It often leaves a person's teeth looking black, rotten or brittle which puts them at high risk of losing all their teeth.

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Fluoride Varnish

  • Definition: Fluoride varnish is a thin coating that is applied to tooth surfaces in order to prevent or arrest decay. It has been proven effective in infants and children who have had cavities, breastfeed on demand at night, chronically use high sugar (syrup like) oral medications, and engage in prolonged or on demand use of a bottle or Sippy cup containing liquids other than water and for children with disabilities.

Special Healthcare Needs


Definition: Xerostomia or dry mouth happens when you don't have enough saliva in your mouth. Certain medical conditions require medications that may cause acute and chronic dry mouth. A person with long term dry mouth is at high risk for tooth decay.

Oral Cancer

Definition: Oral cancer is on the increase. Smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption and oral sex put one at a higher risk.
The Importance of An Oral Cancer Self Examination
Oral Cancer Facts

Prescribing Opioids to Your Dental Patients Toolkit

The American Dental Association states, “Addiction to heroin, synthetic fentanyl, and other illicit drugs can easily start with first-time exposure to an opioid that is legally prescribed to treat a painful condition.” This toolkit is to encourage dentists to utilize the Controlled Substance Database (CSD) prior to prescribing opioids to patients and to provide education to their patients on the potential dangers of opioids.

Domestic Violence reporting

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My Fluoridation

Please visit My Waters Fluoride page for more information.

Volunteer opportunities

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