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Past Health Care Safety Net Summits

2017 October SafetyNet Presentation 10-12-17 Gina Clay.pptx
UDOH Health Safety Net Summit 2017-Staci Stout.pptx
UHPP - Legislative Update_Safety Net Summit 2017.10.11-2mav-Micah.pptx
Utah Health Department Safety Net-Dr. Garner.pptx

2017 April Family Dental Plan: Community Partnered Mobile Dental Services
Medicaid and CHIP: Present and Future
Clinical Concerns of ZIKA Virus Infection
Department of Human Services Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

2016 October Summit Agenda
Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates
Opioid Epidemic
UDOH Prevention, Treatment and Care Program

2016 April Summit Agenda
Legislative Review 2016
Utah Cancer Control Program
Utah 1115 Waiver Amendment Timeline

2015 October Summit Agenda

2015 April Summit Agenda
UDOH Dr. Patton Presentation
Alzeihmer's Association of Utah
NAMI: Utah's Voice on Mental Illness

2014 October Summit Agenda
Medicaid Expansion Update
STD Update - GC Increase
Dental Health Update

2014 April Summit Agenda
Healthcare in the Face of Transformation
Integrated Mental Health Update

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