Caring for a loved one recovering from a head injury is a selfless act, but it’s also challenging—and at times, even overwhelming.

Chances are you have a lot more questions than answers, especially when a person you care about seems so different after their injury. The Utah Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Fund offers free coaching services to TBI survivors, and can help eliminate some stress on family members. Our brain injury experts understand the challenges you’re facing as a caregiver, and can help you find the information and resources you need to best support your loved one’s definition of success.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) have many different causes, signs and symptoms.

While TBIs are all caused by some kind of blow, jolt, or other injury to the head, every TBI is unique. Even a concussion its considered a TBI. Your symptoms may be very different from those of others who have had a similar injury. Understanding some of the things you might experience can help reduce stress during a challenging time. Be sure to talk to your doctors and other health-care providers about any new or changing symptoms.

Symptoms you may experience after a TBI:

  • Headache or neck pain that won’t go away
  • Blurred vision
  • Lack of energy, constantly feeling tired
  • Trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • Loss of balance
  • Pain caused by loud noises or bright lights

Mood & behavior changes you may notice after a TBI:

  • Feeling easily irritated, sad, or anxious
  • Feeling confused or easily getting lost
  • Slow in thinking, speaking, or reading
  • Difficulty getting organized or paying attention
  • Difficulty making decisions or solving problems
  • Forgetting things that happened days (or minutes) ago

Talk to someone who understands how to help.

The TBI Fund was established by the Utah State Legislature to help Utahns who have suffered from a TBI. The TBI Fund is overseen by the Utah Department of Health, and we work closely with brain injury experts in the community. Our caring, trained brain injury experts can help you find the resources you need to facilitate your loved one’s return to work, school, hobbies, and other activities through a process called resource facilitation. Call us for free information about the best way to support the recovery process, and to determine if the loved one you’re caring for is eligible to receive other free services like neuropsychological testing or ongoing coaching. Our brain injury coaches will help your loved one set goals and figure out what assistance is need to reach those goals. They will contact your loved one every week to see how things are going and offer encouragement and help.

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