CHEC is a part of the Utah State Medicaid Program for children ages 0-21 who qualify for Medicaid. It provides preventative medical and dental care for Utah's Medicaid children. Medicaid insures that the child has access to necessary checkups. Having regular checkups allows the child to be evaluated, implementing any necessary followups.

Benefits include preventative physicals, hearing and vision screenings, mental health care, as well as access to all necessary immunizations. If there are additional medical concerns, CHEC works with the doctor insuring the child is given appropriate and necessary care. CHEC dental provides an impressive preventative program. This includes two dental examinations per year, x-rays, sealants, fluoride and necessary restoration work.

Well-Child Care

Your children should see the doctor for well-child health care because their growing bodies are changing so quickly. Well-child visits allow the doctor to check your child's growth and development. If there is a problem, the doctor can find it before it becomes more serious. The doctor can tell you about what to expect and answer questions about your child's health. Your doctor can also give you advice on health and safety issues. Well-child care is important to you and your child.

The CHEC program will help you get the well-child care your child needs. You will be contacted when you child is due for a well-child visit. You may receive a telephone call or information in the mail. You can get help scheduling and getting to the visit. You will also be contacted if the doctor says your child needs additional care.

Expanded Services

If your doctor feels your child needs extra care, your child may receive the care even if it is not a Medicaid benefit. Any added care your child needs that is medically necessary can be covered by Medicaid through the CHEC program.

Children ages 19-20 on Non-Traditional Medicaid do not qualify for CHEC benefits.
For information call: Carri Aguiar: 801-538-7005
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