Non-Emergency Transportation
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Medicaid may provide reimbursement for non-emergency medical transportation, if you are currently eligible for Traditional Medicaid* services and you do not have transportation to get medical care. Transportation is not available to get services from non-Medicaid providers or for non-Medicaid covered services. You may be asked to verify medical appointments. Medicaid may not reimburse you for all services.

Transportation is not available to pick up prescriptions unless you are on the way to or from a medical appointment with a Medicaid provider. For exceptions, check with a Medicaid eligibility worker.

  UTA Bus Pass - You may receive a bus pass if you have Traditional Medicaid and live in an area served by UTA or city bus service. A bus pass has 12 one-way trips (more when the household has 2 or more recipients or when someone needs an attendant) on each pass and also works on light-rail. Check with your eligibility worker if you need another bus pass. Only Medicaid recipients may use the bus pass and it may not NOT be used to go to work, school, shopping etc.
  Special Transportation Services - To be eligible for special transportation services, you must not be able to use public transportation and not have a working car in the household. If you are traveling with small children, check with your worker for other arrangements.

Special Bus Services are available in some areas. You must apply for these services through the bus company in your area. If the bus company decides that you meet the requirements, you must then receive prior authorization from Health Care Financing.

Special Bus Services Companies
Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber Counties - FlexTrans 566-2334
Cedar City - CATS 435-559-RIDE
Special bus services provide curb service only.


LogistiCare - If you cannot use Special Bus Services because you need door-to-door service, you may be eligible for LogistiCare services. You must have a doctor letter on file with LogistiCare saying why you need the specialized services. When you call to get services, you need to have your doctor name and phone number available. You may be transported by LogistiCare for up to four weeks while you are getting the doctor certificate.

You must schedule LogistiCare appointments at least three business in advance. The LogistiCare phone number is 1-855-563-4403. They may provide some urgent care services for recipients that need to be seen within 24 hours. You must specify that the appointment is for urgent care. LogistiCare may verify urgent care.

  Overnight Food and Lodging
If you need to stay overnight when obtaining medical treatment, talk to your worker. Lodging and food costs may be reimbursed if you must travel over 100 miles one-way to get medical treatment, and you would not arrive home before 8:00 p.m. due to the drive time, or the person must leave before 6:30 am to arrive at the appointment on time, or the medical treatment requires you to stay overnight. Your worker may approve one to two nights lodging and food costs. Additional nights must be prior authorized through Health Care Financing.

Recipients must stay at a motel, hotel, or other facility that provides overnight shelter such as the Ronald McDonald house. Costs for an attendant can only be reimbursed when the recipient stays with the attendant and is not in a treatment facility. This includes the costs for one parent or guardian who accompanies a child. Receipts are required.

Out of State Travel
If you receive authorization to receive services out-of-state, the transportation may be also authorized. (airfare, taxi to and from the airport, and travel between your hotel/motel and the hospital or clinic) Reimbursement (up to the maximum allowed) for meals and lodging may also be authorized. Contact 538-6123 for prior authorization.


Mental Health Transportation
Transportation to and from mental health appointments is handled through your mental health provider. Please contact your therapist to arrange travel for these appointments.
Nursing Home Transportation
Nursing homes are required to provide transportation to medical appointments for their residents. Residents cannot receive bus passes. Any other non-emergency transportation needed that the nursing home does not provide requires prior authorization.
  * Non-traditional Medicaid, PCN, CHIP, QMB, SLMB, QI, and Emergency Medicaid recipients are NOT eligible for non-emergency transportation or reimbursement.